vs. Factoring

How does BusinessManager compare to factoring receivables?

You may be surprised how BusinessManager stacks up against traditional factoring. We built a head-to-head comparison of key features to give you an idea:

Traditional Factoring Company



Typically higher rates
Simplified lower rates
Additional APR
No additional APR
Majority of invoices funded are 60 days and under
Majority of invoices funded are 120 days and under
Additional fees (wire fees)
No additional fees
Rates marked up to cover borrowing costs
No need for mark ups to cover borrowing costs


Long-term fixed contracts
No long-term contracts
Termination penalty applied for early termination of contract as well as insufficient acccount participation
No termination penalty

Customer Interaction

Factoring company collects invoices from business customers
Business maintains collections responsibility, while payments are processed by the bank
Customers notified of financing program
Customer is unaware of financing program
Financing company owns billing & stamps as their own
Business owns billing & modifies remittance address to that of bank
Quarterly financials are audited
No quarterly audits
Weekly funding
Daily funding

These elements have made BusinessManager a preferred cash flow management vehicle for small businesses for nearly three decades. Learn how your business can start benefiting from better cash flow today.

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