remitplus express™: a hosted remittance solution


Business Customers Need Remittance and Check Processing

Paper checks and vouchers are still very common in small-to-medium size business. In fact, a recent study found that 80% of payments to small-to-medium-size businesses are made by check. Many of these businesses are manually handling checks and payment coupons, entering data, filing payment coupons, and taking checks to the bank.

how it works


RemitPlus Express provides deposit services to any U.S. bank account. It eliminates the bother of accepting check files because Jack Henry sends an ACH credit to your bank.

With RemitPlus Express your customers can scan and submit checks and payment coupons together in one image. This remittance lockbox solution reads the image, stores the amount, endorses the checks, and saves the selected identifiers from the coupon – whether freeform, handwritten, barcode, or OCR. Users can view the front and back of the images to confirm accuracy.

A Simple Process, Reduced Labor

You send the digital check information to us and we clear payments through the Federal Reserve. An ACH payment is made to whichever bank account your customers specify. Labor costs are substantially reduced because you've eliminated sorting, reconciling, processing, endorsing, and manually posting.

  1. Easy to understand and use
  2. Lookup table integration for check or field-level validation, reject lists, and auto-population
  3. Comprehensive search of checks and transaction information including custom fields, rejects, images, and MICR data

Serve Your Customers and Stay Competitive.

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