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Transform Your Payment
Collection Process

You can offer mobile payment solutions that replace outdated systems and tools, complex processes, and frustrating payment experiences. Revamp the way you collect payments, while increasing security, meeting expectations for convenience, and reducing operating costs.

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Forward-thinking government agencies are taking advantage of modern, digital technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness. This includes transforming your check-based payments into digital payments.

You can accomplish this by forming a strategic partnership with Jack Henry an established payment technology innovator. Our proven, secure, and reliable platform already supports more than 6,400 diverse clients, including U.S. courts and national park services.

Pay or Collect by Phone App

Our mobile payment app can be deployed as a standalone, fully brandable solution or integrated into existing apps to add payment capabilities. Flexible APIs are available to integrate mobile payment capabilities with existing government payment hubs.

Our phone app can be used by public citizens or government agents to process tax payments or court fees, for example. Users can choose how they want to pay – credit, debit, e-payment, or check. This flexible app supports quick responses to changes in policies and branding.

Dynamic Remittance Capture

Many agencies need to capture remittance information with payments. Our mobile payments platform supports payment processing and remittance data capture in the same app using the same user interface.

Mobile remittance information screens can be created without publishing new apps. They'll capture the data needed to update accounts receivable systems and eliminate manual reconciliation.

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