Modern Members want to be listened to. They want to feel valued, understood, respected, and protected. They also need your help. Now more than ever, they're turning to their credit unions in their critical moments of need. The Modern Member is looking to you for the tools they need in order to make smart decisions with their money, and in turn, increase their financial confidence.


Dive into the Mindset of the Modern Member

Symitar® wants to help you deliver Modern Membership to your members. That's why we put together this toolkit. These resources have been designed to help you get to know the Modern Member – so you can spend time focusing on their needs, expectations, and hopes; and ultimately cultivate deeper relationships.


  • Profile | Modern Member Manifesto
  • How-To Guide | Steps to Delivering Modern Membership
  • Video | I Am Your Modern Member
  • Infographic | Financial Confidence & Your Modern Member
  • Article Series | Understanding Generations

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