How to Educate, Engage and Retain Your Customers

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Thu, Jul 09, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

Lauren_Gleim_Headshot_50x50 Author: Lauren Gleim, Lgleim@jackhenry.com

None of us want to lose customers or money.  It seems obvious doesn’t it?  Regardless of the business, we all want to drive traffic and increase our customer base. To successfully execute effective online marketing initiatives, a plan in place will help, and you don’t have to start from scratch. Here are some suggestions from our best practices pocket guide to gain and retain your audience.

Mobile banking

Let’s begin with mobile banking. Your customers’ misperceptions of mobile banking can be your biggest barriers to their adoption and usage of that service. Whether they fear it lacks security or that it is too complicated, you can ease their apprehension with educational marketing that counters those misperceptions.  Highlight why your mobile app is the smart, secure banking option. FAQ’s and demos are a great way to show your app in action. 

Bill Pay

Have you ever tried breaking an old habit? Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution. It’s now July. Have you kept it up? You can relate this to your customers. Steering them away from old habits like paying bills through mail and starting new habits like adopting online bill pay can be life changing. Go beyond a single communication about your services to multichannel campaigns. Execute campaigns that build awareness about bill pay, educate consumers on how to use the service, and ultimately drive them to enroll and start making payments.



Email is a huge asset for your digital marketing communications efforts. Get the basics of email marketing right. For starters, you can base your messages on customer behavior throughout the product stages. If you need more advice, access my previous post on email marketing where I detail ways to connect with your customers through email by customer behavior, personalization, education and social media. 

Responsive Design

While working through your marketing plan, consider your customers’ viewing experience. Whether on a mobile device, tablet or desktop, your customers’ desire to easily navigate and view your website or marketing materials.  Websites, emails, and landing pages can all be responsively designed and the success of your marketing initiatives will depend on your customers’ experience. 


One of my favorite mobile apps is Bodeefit, which is fitness app that provides a daily workout. The best part is that if I don’t know how to do a plank split, for instance, they provide a short video of how to do it. Genius! For your customers, videos can guide them through the benefits of your product or simply how to use it. Make it easy for them and share the visual experience. 

Social Media

Join your customers on the social level. Social media provides an outlet with your customers beyond your branch location and outside of your internet banking or bill pay platform. Not only can you use social media for traditional marketing of your products and services, but you can also provide them with educational marketing such as those videos we just mentioned. Sharing content leads to engaged, happy customers.

Now that you have your handy best practices pocket guide, want to see the full guide?


Best Practices for  Financial Institution  Marketing

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