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Terry Renoux is the Group President of ProfitStars Lending Solutions

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The Tea Leaves Have Spoken - Making the case for more robust commercial loan growth in 2018

Posted by Terry Renoux

Feb 7, 2018 11:00:00 AM

While commercial and industrial loan volume has increased annually during the past five years, the rate of increase has continued to decline. That trend is likely to reverse in 2018. Five specific factors are in play that will cause a more robust increase during the year.

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FinTech “Space Race” to Build a Fully-Integrated Commercial Lending Platform

Posted by Terry Renoux

Mar 24, 2017 11:00:00 AM


Conditions within the commercial lending sector during the past ten years have led financial institutions to seek greater efficiency throughout the loan fulfillment process. The demand for more integrated lending platforms is produced by three distinct market conditions:

  1. The rise of alternative third-party lenders since 2010.
  2. The need to increase production speed and reduce costs, in part due to the competitive pressures created by the new alternative lenders along with historically low net interest margins.
  3. The need for data integration to allow previously disparate systems to communicate with each other.

This third item, data integration, will make it much easier for institutions to manage risk and comply with upcoming changes to the loan loss recognition standards put forth by FASB.

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Four Small Business Lending Trends to Watch

Posted by Terry Renoux

Aug 28, 2015 4:28:36 PM

Terry Renoux Author: Terry Renoux, TRenoux@jackhenry.com

Lending activity across the U.S. is improving. Slowly … but improving nonetheless. Visits to partner banks in the western U.S. over the past couple of weeks indicate that businesses are becoming more optimistic about their ability to grow.

According to bank partners, the specific segments that are seeing growth are small manufacturers, transportation, and businesses with ties to the energy sector. The agriculture industry was also noted as a stronger segment right now due to the current condition of this year’s crop forecast. National surveys show that only 20 percent of bankers believe small business lending will stay the same in 2013 as compared to the last two years. An overwhelming majority, more than 60 percent, say they believe lending will improve; one-third of those lenders believe it will increase dramatically. Results from this same survey suggest that three out of four U.S. bankers are planning to aggressively pursue small business lending in the coming year.

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