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Kristin Halvin is an award-winning speaker through Toastmasters International® in the areas of humorous, extemporaneous, and inspirational speaking. A trainer at heart, Kristin has coached conference presenters, corporate VPs, stand-up comedians, the Charger Girls®, and the occasional maid of honor in writing and delivering dynamic presentations. Kristin is an Instructional Design Specialist and trainer with Symitar.

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Using Stories in Business Presentations

Posted by Kristin Halvin

Mar 7, 2018 11:00:00 AM

In my previous post, “The Four Elements of a Successful Presentation Opening,” I suggested that there are six ways to open a presentation: a story, a show of hands, a visual or prop, an outrageous or provocative statement, a rhetorical question, or a quote. While I believe that a story is the best way to open a presentation, if you don’t open with a story, you should at least have a few stories within your presentation.

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The Four Elements of a Successful Presentation Opening

Posted by Kristin Halvin

Nov 29, 2017 11:00:00 AM


Can you recall a time when you were at a conference, in a breakout session, and you realized within the first two minutes that this was going to be a boring presentation? What did you do? Did you pull out your phone and catch up on Twitter®? Did you look for a back door so you could sneak out? Or did you think, “I’d better stay … after all, I am the presenter.”

A powerful presentation opening makes the difference between having an engaged audience or a disconnected one.

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