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Jack Henry’s Spring OFM “Financial Wellness” Campaign

We’ve created an OFM Financial Wellness campaign, now available for you to help your customers and members better navigate their finances during these unsettled times.

Campaign runs from May 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020Dowload Now
These are the dates we will track for reporting your results, but please feel free to use these materials before/after these dates as you like.

Reasons to use the campaign

  • Helping your customers manage their finances during uncertain times shows that you are there to support them in their moments of need.
  • It’s built for everyone: Last quarter 50 banks and credit unions - ranging in size from $7 billion to $100 million - used our OFM campaign.
  • These campaigns reached over 1 million customers – it’s a good way to reach out to remind them how your digital banking platform can help them gain financial control.
  • OFM campaigns help build the adoption rate of your OFM and digital banking.
  • Enriched data from these campaigns can help you better understand your customers and members.
  • The campaign is easy to use and modify to your needs – and it’s FREE.
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"Jack Henry provides excellent customizable marketing materials and quarterly [campaigns] so we’re pleased to have that extra boost to our in-house efforts.”

Stephanie Shillingburg
Executive Vice President, Chief Banking Officer
F&M Bank

“We launched a few months ago and we’re already up to 1,700 users [about 19% adoption], so we’re very happy with the response.”

John Morgia
Marketing Director
Watertown Savings Bank

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2) Jack Henry & Associates and its affiliates make no representations or warranties of any kind in connection with the subject matter included in campaign.