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Jack Henry’s OFM
“Smarter Way” Campaign

Our free New Experience OFM Campaign can help your customers and members get more involved with your online financial management (OFM) - and your entire online banking program.


This campaign focuses on the latest OFM user interface we have developed for welcoming your growing digital audience to an easier, more intuitive experience.

Reasons to use the campaign

  • It’s built for everyone: banks and credit unions - ranging in size from $7 billion to $32 million - use our OFM campaigns.
  • These campaigns have reached over 2 million consumers.
  • OFM campaigns help build the adoption rate of your OFM and digital banking.
  • Increased adoption leads to more sales opportunities.
  • Enriched data from these campaigns can help you target your customers and members at their moment of need.
  • The campaign is easy to use and modify to your needs – and it’s FREE.
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