Serve Key Markets with Digital Technology Designed to Enhance Each Step of the Borrower's Journey

Meeting the digital expectations of customers and members is a necessity in today's lending environment. This has become even more apparent since the COVID-19 pandemic restricted access to the traditional branch channel associated with loan servicing.

Financial technology should strengthen human interaction during the loan process, automating redundant tasks and streamlining workflows. When done right, it creates happier employees and satisfied consumers.

With Jack Henry Consumer LoansSM, you'll gain everything your institution needs to service modern borrowers with an up-to-date, relevant, fully integrated solution with a common, fresh UI that improves the experience for borrowers and lenders.

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Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, representing 44% of US economic activity and create two-thirds of net new jobs. They have long been underserved and need loan guidance and assistance now more than ever. An almost unprecedented demand for working capital is expected over the next 12-months, and banks and credit unions must prepare today to serve their communities. A flexible, digital commercial lending system can provide borrowers the things they want most from their lending institution: options, simplicity, and speed.

With Jack Henry Commercial LoansSM, you'll gain a fully automated digital lending solution to service your borrowers from a remote environment 24/7, offering commercial loan analysis, underwriting, review, and management. It streamlines and standardizes the analysis process while controlling risk. Designed for ease of use, maximum flexibility, and easy access to all the information needed to make an informed credit risk decision.

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The current annual loan trading volume in the U.S. is $500B - $1 trillion, involving approximately 20,000 institutions and brokered entirely through personal networks by phone. This antiquated system for loan trading, selling, and participation hasn't changed for decades, and lacks the transparency needed for efficient monitoring.

With the Jack Henry Loan MarketplaceSM, you can now research, prospect and trade online utilizing a fully digital experience that's at your fingertips 24/7, increasing liquidity, offsetting risk, and managing your loan portfolio more strategically.

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Industries most impacted by the economic shutdowns will need injections of both long- and short-term capital to restart and begin growing again. As a result, the industry is likely to experience increased demand for commercial finance. Accounts receivable (AR) financing and factoring have a long history of helping businesses get off the ground, improve their portfolios, and weather challenging times.

With Jack Henry Commercial FinanceSM, banks, credit unions, and alternative lenders with diverse portfolios are better positioned to survive a crisis because their exposure to just one industry is lessened. You can support small-to-medium-sized business utilizing a financing program with a long history of lasting, positive, and profitable relationships – including the advanced monitoring and controls needed to effectively manage risk and expand your commercial finance portfolio.

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As the financial world continues to operate at a rapid pace, it is critical to enhance your lending approach with value-added customizations that can support your institution's unique needs.

With Jack Henry Lending, you can choose from a variety of enhancements designed to help you create even stronger relationships with modern borrowers. These complementary tools provide an extra layer of risk mitigation and include options to support your efforts while lending into a specific vertical, managing your portfolio, extra monitoring, or verifying documentation.

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