Innovators Committed to Making Loans More Accessible to Borrowers

Supporting Communities in Their Moments of Need, Building Lifelong Relationships

People and businesses are navigating unparalleled financial challenges right now. And behind every loan request, there’s someone who needs to be believed in.

What if it was possible to create, manage, and support borrower relationships of all types through a simplified, digital process that saves time and improves the experience for both lenders and borrowers?

Making that "what-if" a reality is why Jack Henry Lending exists. We are committed to helping financial institutions back their communities and honor borrower relationships by enhancing every step of their journey.

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More Loans in Less Time | Drive Revenue with a Single Lending Platform

Eliminate paper-based processes while improving the experience for both your staff and the borrower.


All-Digital Lending Capabilities | Multiple Loan Types

Save time, enhance accuracy, and improve the lending experience with digital technology for commercial and consumer loans, commercial finance, and an online loan marketplace.

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