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What Others Said About Lee

“Honestly the best teacher here, and I would give him more than 5 stars in each category.”
Student, Florida School of Banking, August 2017

“You’re a rock star!”
Tommy Bradford, Founding Member of Pantera (and PEC 2015 Attendee)

“Blown away!”
Jennifer Hughes, PEC 2015 Attendee

“I am now smarter. Lee shed a ton of light on payments.”
Attendee, 2014 Association for Financial Technology Fall Conference

“Lee Wetherington is one of the most respected bank technology presenters on the circuit today. That is why we engaged him as a keynote speaker at the Indiana Bankers Association Mega Conference earlier this month. Lee is one of the best speakers in the community banking industry and never fails to captivate.”
Joe DeHaven, President and CEO, Indiana Bankers Association (IBA), May 2013

“I give [Lee] all 10’s! He’s highly motivated (no one gets bored). Excellent!”
Attendee, 2012 MCUL Annual Convention

“There’s no better way to kick off a program – Lee Wetherington! As always, you offer a trifecta - humor, great takeaways and a tremendous amount of food for thought. Thank you on behalf of the entire audience."
Elisa R. Legg, Senior Vice President, New York Bankers Association, October 2011

“You must get tired of meeting planners raving about how well you did at their convention, but here we go again. You were great! I wish I had saved you for last because you were the best speaker we had over two days. You always have fascinating material that relates to banks and somehow you find that mix of humor and personal touch that make it memorable.”
Pamela M. Green, Director of Member Services, Maine Bankers Association, October 2011

“ProfitStars has a secret weapon: a guy named Lee Wetherington, whose title is Director of Strategic Insight. To say he is a dynamic speaker would be a gross understatement.”
Brandes Elitch, Director of Partner Acquisitions, CrossCheck, Inc., in The Green Sheet, May 2011

“I saw Lee in action at the Florida Bankers Association’s meeting in Naples. He is definitely one of the best speakers I have seen and, at 63 years old, I’ve seen quite a few.”
Attendee, Florida Bankers Association’s 2010 Annual Convention

“Lee set the tone for the whole conference—outstanding!”
Attendee, TechMecca 2010

“Highest Rated Speaker”
2010 Nebraska Bankers Association Technology Conference

“We all agreed that your webinar was probably the best we had ever listened to.”
Attendee, “Social Media for Bankers” web seminar

“The evaluations are in and YOU are the star!!”
Angela Crance, Gathering of Eagles Leadership Conference

“Highest Rated Speaker”
2010 Idaho Community Bankers Association Winter Conference

“Just wanted to say thanks for making TechMecca ROCK!”
Attendee, TechMecca 2010

“Just received our survey results. You, sir, were number 1 in rankings—by a long shot. You outranked our keynote speaker, our awards dinner, even the sleeping rooms!”
Organizer, Major Industry Sales Meeting

“Best presentation of the conference.”
Attendee, New York Bankers Association’s 2010 Retail & Small Business Banking Conference

“…inspirational, humorous, informative…”
Attendee, 2010 Symitar Educational Conference

“Highest Rated Speaker”
2010 Washington Bankers Association’s CEO/Bank Directors Conference

“Funny, entertaining, engaging—very relevant!”
Attendee, TechMecca 2010

“Lee, I had someone ask me this morning, ‘how do I give a presentation in an empty room without the benefit of feedback from an audience I can’t see?” After listening to you, I believe the answer is that you must know and understand your topic thoroughly and be so passionate about its impact and benefit you can talk about it nonstop almost without breathing. Then, like singing in your car, you lose the self-consciousness. That’s my very long way of saying you were terrific!”
Attendee, “Remote Deposit Right Now!” Web Seminar

“…you are one speaker I can always count on to ‘wow’ the audience…”
Liz Wilson, Executive Vice President, Washington Bankers Association

“Lee, your evaluations were fabulous! Thanks for making me look good and for being a low maintenance speaker. Speakers like you make my job easy!”
Cookie Dorsey; TCUL Director of Training & Events

“…the best technology talk I’ve ever heard!”
Student, The Community Bankers School

“You were once again a huge hit and rated highest in evaluations!”
Ron Arrigo, Vice President & Director of Education, Nebraska Bankers Association

“I walked away from the conference with a new sense of motivation and urgency based primarily on your presentation. You are an amazing speaker, and I feel privileged to have been in attendance.”
Danna R. Burchess, AAP, Five Points Bank

“Not sure if you belong in Banking School or on the Comedy Channel! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!”
Catherine Mummert, Bank of Naples

“[Lee’s presentation] alone was worth the price of the entire conference!!!”
Attendee, TBA Strategic Technology Conference

“You made a great presentation, and we appreciate you reviving our audience with humor!”
Tammy Nichols, Kentucky Bankers Association

“…again a fantastic blend of content and humor!!! Bravo!”
Sandra McAvoy, Senior Vice President, Community Bankers Association of Illinois

“Wonderful, as always! Eloquent, intelligent speaker and entertaining presenter. Always look forward to Lee!”
Sara Dunn, Oconee State Bank

“On behalf of the committee, we appreciate so much the energy and content you bring to a great keynote!
Jim Stewart, Chief Technology Officer, United Community Banks, Inc.

"This was one of the most interesting presentations I’ve heard in years.”
Attendee, TCUL Leadership Conference

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