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Episode 6 –
What's Going On In Banking 2020

Thursday, April 2 at 1pm CT

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Series Overview

Jack Henry & Associates (JHA) and Cornerstone Advisors have teamed up to provide a unique Conversation Series where they discuss current events and issues while taking a deep dive into 'what's going on' right now in the financial industry. Each episode in the series features a lively conversation on some of the hottest topics, including payments, openness, and the future of digital. Hosts Lee Wetherington and Ron Shevlin are joined by special guests to discuss key issues and how to prepare for the future. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the conversation.

Your Hosts

Lee Wetherington

Lee Wetherington

Lee is Director of Strategic Insight for Jack Henry & Associates® (JKHY: NASDAQ). Lee directs the development of actionable insight and strategy for the financial services industry at large. To this end, he creates programs, presentations, and articles designed to orient and educate financial executives on the trends and implications of new technologies. He delivers keynotes nationwide focusing upon opportunities and challenges in fintech, payments, and digital banking, and he is widely renowned for his unique style of comedic delivery.

Ron Shevlin

Ron Shevlin

Ron is the Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors where he heads up the firm's strategic research efforts, including commissioned research, the Insight Vault service, and the Cornerstone Performance Report. A nationally sought-after speaker, Ron is the author of the Amazon best-selling book Smarter Bank, and is the purveyor of fine snark on the Financial Brand's Snarketing column and the Fintech Snark Tank podcast. Ron's prior experience includes research and consulting for Aite Group, Forrester Research, and KPMG.

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Episode 6 –
What's Going On In Banking 2020

Thursday, April 2 at 1pm CT

In this episode, we'll revisit Cornerstone's What's Going on in Banking 2020 report. Lee and Ron will focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic may be shifting the priorities reflected in the Cornerstone study.

We welcome two very special guests to give us their real-world experience and perspective about "what's going on." What are the priorities now, considering the current environment? They'll discuss spending and priorities from the institution’s point of view during this uncertain time.

Tune in to stay on top of the issues that matter most to you!

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Episode 1 – What's Going on in Banking 2019

Duration: 59:06

Lee and Ron share their thoughts, analysis, and perspectives on Cornerstone's What's Going on in Banking 2019 study which looked at community-based financial institutions' outlooks, concerns, priorities and technology plans. They also take a deeper dive into the world of payments with guests Greg Adelson, Deborah Phillips, and Tony DeSanctis. They cover key topics like P2P payments, mobile payments, and mobile wallets.

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Episode 2 – It Takes a Village: A Discussion on Openness as a Strategy

Duration: 58:21

Today's modern consumers require a level of user-centricity like never before. It takes openness in your philosophy, technology and partnerships to understand and meet the needs of this modern consumer. Lee and Ron are joined by Mark Forbis and Steve Williams to discuss openness and how it effects future readiness. Listen in as we discuss business models, partnership strategies and the ecosystems of the future.

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Episode 3 – The Future and Digital

Duration: 56:39

As discrete delivery channels dissolve and online, mobile, and physical channels converge, financial institutions have a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves digitally. Lee and Ron are joined by Ben Metz and Jim Burson to discuss the human-centered, insight-driven future of digital banking and how you can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and meet consumer expectations at any time and from any device.

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Episode 4 – The Future of Lending

Duration: 48:02

Lending will always be about relationship management. However, today's lending must also be considered in the context of open platforms and digital services. Technology is very important… listen in on take 2 of Episode 4 as Lee is joined by Gary Lewis to discuss the latest news and technology trends that enhance the borrower experience and build both better relationships and more profitable portfolios.

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Episode 5 – The 5 Debates That Will Shape Fintech In The 2020s

Duration: 54:02

The new decade has begun. In episode 5, we tackle some of the thorniest questions we'll face in the 2020s: Are branches here to stay or disappearing? Will customer data be a savior, or will security concerns put it beyond reach? Is AI biased and in need of regulation? Cryptocurrencies: will they succeed? Is China's fintech model the global future? Listen in as we discuss the issues that will matter most in the coming decade.

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