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From the Registration site, click on “Register Now” and then click on the “Already Registered” link under the open fields. Enter your confirmation number and email address. On the next screen, you'll see several tabs. Click on the “Modify” tab first then select "OK/Next." Click on “Registration” to the far right. You'll be taken to the current registration where you will be able to select or remove applicable sessions in each time slot. Click NEXT through each screen as you make changes.

If you need to remove a session already selected in a certain time slot, scroll to the bottom of that time slot and click on “Unregister." Once you've made all your changes, these sessions will be removed when you click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next page. Make sure you proceed through all screens. Your changes are not confirmed until you see the spinning circles on the screen confirming your changes.

From your confirmation page email, there will be a “Click Here to View Event Summary” link at the bottom of the page. Click on this link to take you to the page to log back into your registration. You will need your confirmation code and email address to proceed. On the next screen, click on the “Modify” tab on your registration page and look for “Add Guest” or “Add Attendee.” Proceed through all screens until you see the spinning wheels on the screen confirming your changes.
The guest fee includes access to the after-5 p.m. evening functions only (receptions, after-hour events onsite/offsite). Guests cannot attend any of the daily sessions or meals. A guest will need to be added on the main registrant’s registration as a guest at the applicable guest fee to attend.

No, your confirmation code is for your records to confirm you are registered. You will need the email address that you registered with and any QR Code that was provided to check in onsite.

Yes, we can resend you the confirmation email. Please send an email to JAC: CorpMtgPlanning-JAC@jackhenry.com requesting a confirmation be sent. Once your request is received, your confirmation will be emailed to the email address on file. Please check your spam folder in case the communication is being placed there.

Downloadable documents for the conference sessions will be loaded in the mobile app within the sessions. These downloadable sessions will be available once the mobile app is launched (usually a week before the conference). Within each session, the downloadable PDF can be found at the very bottom of the session (if one is available). Note: not all sessions will have documentation.
The dress code is business casual. Remember that climates can vary, so bring a jacket or sweater for those possible colder temperatures and keep in mind that some meeting rooms may be cool.

No. Because registration links are unique to the recipient, it can’t be used for another registrant. Please send an email to JAC: CorpMtgPlanning-JAC@jackhenry.com and request to be added to the event to receive a personalized registration link.

Yes. Please send an email to JAC: CorpMtgPlanning-JAC@jackhenry.com to request a transfer of registration. Provide the individual’s first/last name and email address so that the registration can be transferred and emailed to the new registrant.

During the registration process, there will be a question that asks, "Do you have any special needs request?" In this field, enter "Waived fees per contract." Proceed through the registration process and choose "Direct Bill" as your payment method. Confirm your registration by completing all pages. At the end of the registration process, there will still be an amount due, as these requests must be verified and manually adjusted. Once the contract waiver information has been verified, the costs are manually adjusted post-conference.

During the registration process, please choose KIA as your payment method. Complete the registration process in its entirety to confirm your registration. You will receive a confirmation email afterwards. If you do not receive a confirmation email, send an email to or JAC: CorpMtgPlanning-JAC@jackhenry.com and one will be emailed to you. Within that confirmation email, there will be a link at the bottom to click on to take you to JHUniversity. You will need your KIA Account Code. You will submit your KIA Credit Request from there and JHUniversity will reach out to you on your request.

Yes. You would return to your registration either on website and click on the "Already Registered" link at the top right of the page or from your confirmation email by clicking on the bottom of the page on the "Click Here to Review Summary Event." Please have your confirmation code and email address available. Either link will take you to the registration site to the page where you will see “Submit Credit Card Payment.” Proceed through all screens to confirm your payment. Your payment is not confirmed until you see the spinning circles on the screen confirming your information.

Please submit all check payments to: Payable to: Jack Henry & Associates – Attn: Tonya Fluellen; 5024 Parkway Plaza Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217. To make sure payment is applied toward the correct registration, please make sure the name of the conference and the attending individual’s name is on the check.

Your confirmation email is your receipt for the confirmed registration fees. If there is a balance due when conference ends, you will be mailed an invoice for the balance due from accounting.
To receive a CPE certificate for the sessions attended, you must complete the session survey for each session. This survey is located on the mobile app within each session. Certificates are completed and emailed out within 60 days post-conference.
No, we don’t provide a waitlist. Please check with the host hotel periodically for cancellations and availability or possibly contact one of the alternate hotels listed on the registration site (if applicable).

Please send a cancellation email to JAC: CorpMtgPlanning-JAC@jackhenry.com *Remember to send email prior to the cancellation date, August 15, or cancellation fees will occur.

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