JAC SEC Conferences 2021

Bringing Together Two Extraordinary Conferences

OCTOBER 11 - 14, 2021




In 2020, Jack HenrySM and Symitar® saw more than 6,300 banking and credit union leaders, representatives, and technology partners learn, discuss, debate, and network. The two conferences – Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC) & TechConnect and Symitar Educational Conference (SEC) & TechConnect – led to discussions of challenges and opportunities, the economic climate, the future, and how change keeps us moving forward.

At this year's JAC|SEC, we're moving forward together. These two extraordinary conferences will run concurrently under the same roof, with both virtual and in-person offerings.


Event Format

Meet us in Phoenix, Arizona or join the JAC|SEC virtually! We'll be offering both in-person and virtual sessions and activities.


Sponsorships & Exhibitor Opportunities

Please reach out to our TechConnect team if you're interested in sponsorship or exhibitor opportunities for the 2021 JAC|SEC.



Getting the Most Out of Your Core

This track focuses on our core platform features – old and new – along with solutions that are made better when integrated into the core system. We'll take a look at core processes, best practices, and innovative uses that proactively solve your challenges and support your success.

Attracting & Retaining Today's Modern Customers & Members

Focusing on unique ways you can attract and retain customers and members while ultimately growing your business, this track will explore commercial offerings, financial wellness, data and solutions you can use to personalize your interactions and better understand your accountholders, and ways to stay relevant in today's changing landscape.

Enhancing Borrower Relationships

With a simplified, digital process, you can create, manage, and support borrower relationships of all types – saving you time and improving the experience for both lenders and borrowers. This track will feature sessions focused on lending strategies and solutions. We'll look at how your organization can support your community, how to create strong relationships that create borrowers for life, and how to simplify the commercial and consumer loan process to put funds into the hands of those who need it.

Digital Transformation

Check out our Digital Transformation track for sessions that tackle everything from mobile and online to AI and CX; from website tactics to digital technology strategies; from disruption to API. We'll dive into roadmap updates and discussions that will uncover the latest innovations in consumer and commercial needs.

Maximizing Your Payments Strategy

Innovators are hard at work to disenfranchise financial institutions with faster, more engaging payment services. The result? Payments are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Tune in to learn about new competitors, payment alternatives, and end-user expectations as well as the proven solutions available that can help you modernize your existing payment channels and seamlessly enter emerging channels.

The State of Risk, Fraud & Security

The volume and frequency of fraud attacks affecting the financial services industry is escalating at an alarming rate. Detecting and managing a diverse set of risks has never been more important, causing banks and credit unions to make tough decisions on new technology investments. This track will focus on the major concerns facing the industry today, including: fraud, disaster recovery, security, and credit/interest/liquidity risk. We will provide visibility into the latest trends and discuss ways to identify, assess, and mitigate risks.

Becoming Your Best You

You are capable of great things. You are a natural-born leader. You believe in yourself and in what you can accomplish. Now all you need to do is become that version of yourself. You need to become your best you. This track will feature sessions focused on self development, leadership, and interacting with others – and what that looks like in relation to culture, change, talent, and diversity.


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