Jack Henry Annual Conference 2020 OCTOBER 12 - 15



It's been said that the only constant in life is change – and we've seen a lot of change as of late. But change isn't a bad thing. Change helps us grow. It helps us learn, evolve, and thrive. Change keeps us moving forward. At this year's Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC) & TechConnect, we're moving forward.

The Jack Henry leadership team has been hard at work making sure that as we move forward, we make the most out of our time together in this new virtual format. That's why you'll see live happy hours, coffee and catch-up sessions, and fun virtual activities in addition to an exciting lineup of speakers, including the opening keynote address from financial services expert, Adrienne Harris.


The JAC is designed specifically for Jack Henry customers, regardless of your core platform. Because we are virtual this year, you can "send" even more of your leaders and emerging leaders than ever before! So whether you've attended in the past or not, don't miss this opportunity to learn along with the rest of the JAC community.


For our new virtual format, you'll see we're doing things a little differently. Live sessions and virtual activities will be available Monday through Thursday. In addition, we'll have a library of on-demand sessions available during the conference and up to 30 days post-conference.

Be sure to visit the virtual TechConnect on October 13-15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.! It's a great opportunity to discover technology capabilities from representatives at over 50 virtual booths. Speak with trusted vendors and Jack Henry representatives. You can even view solutions that compete with our own that could support your strategy and goals.


Tracks include live and on-demand sessions, which will be available once the JAC goes live. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the session tracks:

Getting the Most Out of Your Core
This track focuses on our Jack Henry core platform features—old and new. Additionally, it includes topics on solutions that are made better integrated into the core system. We invite topics ranging from core processes, best practices, and innovative uses that proactively solve our customers' challenges and support their success.
Attracting and Retaining Today's Modern Consumer
This track is focused on unique ways you can attract and retain customers/members and ultimately grow your businesses. We'll focus on commercial offerings, financial wellness, the data and solutions available to personalize your interactions or better understand yourcustomers/members, and how to stay relevant in today's changing landscape.
Maximizing Your Payments Strategy
Payments are evolving at an unprecedented rate thanks to the innovators working hard to disenfranchise financial institutions with faster, more engaging payment services. Owning the dynamic payments channel is getting more difficult with new competitors, new payment alternatives, and new end-user expectations. Learn more about the proven solutions that support virtually every payment channel and payment type and how they can modernize your existing payment channels and help you seamlessly enter emerging channels.
Digital Transformation
The Digital track contains mobile/online product and road-map updates and deep-dive discussions that uncover the latest innovations in consumer and commercial needs—everything around mobile, digital, website tactics, AI, CX, disruption, innovation, API, and digital technology strategies.
The State of Risk, Fraud, and Security
The volume and frequency of fraud attacks in the financial services industry is escalating at an alarming pace—requiring financial institutions to make decisions on how to invest in new fraud-combating technology that keeps up with the modern-day fraudster. This track focuses on risk, fraud, security, and compliance topics as they impact you and your customers/members. Examples include the following: cyber security, combating fraud, disaster recovery, ransomware, regulatory changes, reputation risk, tabletop exercises, and threat intelligence.



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