Future-Ready Banking with Jack Henry


Jack Henry™ believes the world is a better place with community and regional banks. We’re here to help you innovate faster, differentiate strategically, and compete successfully – all with one goal in mind: to improve the financial health of the people you serve.


As an ICBA Preferred Service Provider serving community banks, we’re here to help you innovate faster, differentiate strategically, and compete successfully through education, exclusive incentives, and technology to solve for the challenges faced by community and regional banks and their customers.

Our preferred services include:

  • Accounts Receivable Financing: Assist creditworthy businesses with management and funding of their accounts receivables and earn recurring fee income.
  • Business Banking: Tools for small businesses to manage everything from invoices to payroll, all within your digital banking experience.
  • CECL Solutions: Efficient solutions for today's daunting CECL data collection, validation and compliance modeling tasks.
  • Conversion Solutions: Reduce costs and save time by securely converting and importing your legacy systems data, as well as M&A content, into current platforms.
  • Data & Image Capture Securely captures, stores, manages, retrieves, and distributes virtually all types of electronic files and content across the organization.
  • Data Backup & Recovery: Disaster recovery services for core and complementary solutions.
  • Desktop Remote Deposit Capture: High-volume remote deposit capture with business-managed proofing and balancing.
  • Digital Banking Solutions: Our industry-leading digital banking platform works across user devices and is developed with industry-leading technology to deliver a seamless, fast, and forward-thinking experience.
  • Forecasting and Financial Reporting: Simplify the strategic planning process and forecast the balance sheet more effectively while completing your budgeting and financial reporting all in one place.
  • Information Security and Risk Management: Proven risk management solutions empowering you to proactively protect mission-critical data and systems, facilitate IT regulatory compliance, and bolster disaster resiliency.
  • Lending: A single, all-digital loan origination and portfolio management platform helps create, underwrite and manage borrower relationships of all types.
  • Payments: Modernize your existing payment channels and confidently enter new and emerging ones with Jack Henry Payments. From remittance and bill payment to mobile remote deposit solutions for both the consumers and businesses, our solutions easily integrate with any internet banking provider.
  • Profitability & Pricing: Discover who your most valuable clients truly are and set pricing and rates that drive profitability.
  • Performance Scorecard: Effectively manage and reward employees with a single, integrated system that streamlines results tracking and delivers timely performance updates. Also review enterprise-wide, department, and individual achievement in one convenient location.
  • Web Design & Services: Enjoy a simple, beautiful site with specialized responsive design, content management and hosting services. A targeted suite of security services can help you protect, guard and respond to a potential website attack.