Executive Summary: 12 Steps to a Smooth Digital Process Transformation

So you've decided to take your commercial lending platform digital? 

Digital migration can have major benefits on both efficiency and customer service, but if not done properly, it can create unintended circumstances for your employees and customers. 

Whether you are working with third-party vendors or developing systems internally, this executive summary will serve as a roadmap to your end goal of integrated workflows, top notch client experiences, and efficient data usage.

A Quick-View of the 12 Steps to Success:

  1. An Honest Evaluation of Current Systems
  2. Establish Open Lines of Communication
  3. Begin with the End in Mind
  4. Do the Numbers
  5. Breaking It Down (to Build It Up)
  6. To Build or Buy? That Is the Question
  7. Vendor Selection and Management
  8. Establishing a Firm Timeline
  9. Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s
  10. Training Champions
  11. Go Live – Your New Journey Begins
  12. After-Action Reviews and Next Generations 
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