Bringing Human-Centered, Simplified Operations to Every Aspect of the Banking Experience.

Are you living up to accountholder expectations? Today's banking must be as simple as using a social media platform. That means obvious and easy functions, a customizable user interface, and all applications seamlessly connected.

Jack Henry Digital offers banking in a simple, powerful environment. For example, your accountholders and employees can enjoy the first secure, digital chat channel in the industry. You can offer easy, faster payments through Zelle® or RTP®. Jack Henry's credit card programs enable cardholders to easily switch cards on or off, set notifications, spending limits, and other rules. All this, plus a world-class UX.

Offer digital banking that really lives up to the name.

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The need has never been greater for better ways to assist banking customers and members remotely. Accountholders want personal, one-to-one service, but they also need convenience. Today we must help customers and members at their moment of need, on any device.

Jack Henry Digital's answer to this demand is secure, core-connected chat conversations. Your employee using contextual chat has full visibility into the user account, just as if your accountholder was in a branch. The two of them can share documents and your employee can transact on the accountholder's behalf.

From the institution side, tellers can handle multiple conversations at once with simple management tools. All conversations are stored, making them easily auditable.

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Suppose you've found a fintech application that's a perfect fit for your services suite. The new solution would help you attract and retain accountholders. How easily can you integrate it with your platform?

With Banno's open API and digital toolkit, innovation is quick. Our API gives fintechs direct access to our technology, so their solution is offered with your other services in a unified environment. Users can log into your app once and gain access to all other tools. By giving you and other developers access to the API as well as our design and authentication frameworks, the possibilities are practically endless when it comes to crafting innovative and custom solutions.

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What's the value of a visually appealing, easy-to-use website, built for financial institution customers? It's hard to measure its worth because so much of your success is riding on the site and its usability.

Jack Henry Digital offers beautiful site design, security, and hosting. Our knowledge and expertise lie with financial institution sites. Everything, from information architecture to content to strategic advertising, is tailored to your institution. Intelligent marketing tools match your website visitors with information and ads relevant to them, and then give you actionable analytics.

From design, to content management and security, we've got websites covered.

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A key element of any digital strategy is removing barriers between a potential customer and a new account. Today, people expect a clear step-by-step procedure, on any device.

Jack Henry Digital meets this challenge by offering new account opening in five minutes or less. We provide an equally efficient back-office experience thanks to pre-built templates for checking and savings account applications, customizable with a point-and-click management console. Compliance forms, funding, IDA, IDV, and fraud detection are all smoothly integrated. Account verification can be performed with snap of a selfie.

It's time to tear down the wall between customers and your services.

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From small business owners to CFOs, your commercial customers need cash and treasury management tools that will scale with them as they grow. They want solutions that cover a wide spectrum of capabilities and are customizable for specific needs.

Jack Henry Digital enables you to provide a robust set of management features for commercial businesses. From handling day-to-day cash flow to long-term financial positions, your customers get the power they need. They can get transaction history and reporting. They can perform wire transfers and ACH payments, get balance and float reporting, and much more.

Now you can successfully compete for business accounts with banks of any size.

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