The payment options financial institutions offer directly impact their profitability and growth opportunities. And while card programs should be a revenue source that they can control and count on, the truth is that many institutions are running on incomplete or outdated card processing platforms – which leads to fraud vulnerabilities and a failure to meet cardholder expectations.

The bottom line? You can't afford to be operating on the wrong card processing platform.

If you choose JHA Card Processing Solutions™ (CPS) – an enhanced, full-service credit, debit, and ATM processing platform – you'll maximize revenue, increase cardholder acquisition, mitigate expenses, and ultimately increase wallet share.

Working with Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.®, a technology partner committed to providing tools like advisory services and enhanced data analytics, you will be able to maximize your bottom line. The CPS platform delivers the competitive services that your cardholders demand while providing you with the superior support that you've come to expect from Jack Henry.


  • $24.7 Billion Amount Fraud Cost FIs in 2016
  • The average credit card holder owns 3.7 credit cards.
  • Baby Boomers hold more than 80% of personal financial assets in the U.S.

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