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If you're not top-of-wallet, you're missing out on valuable revenue and cardholder loyalty. JHA Card Processing Solutions
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So Long, Farewell Signatures

Effective April 2018, all major card brands including American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa will modify requirements to allow U.S. merchants the discretion to choose whether to prompt for a cardholder’s signature on a transaction receipt or electronic reader. Read More

The Card Processing Platform – Working For or Against You?

This white paper focuses on the qualities, tools, and technology that financial institutions need to demand from a card processing provider. Among other issues, it examines card programs, loyalty programs, and the ability to use card analytics to fight declining interchange income. Read More

Community Banks are Missing the Boat on Cards

A recent American Bankers Association (ABA) survey reports that 87% of community banks do not have a payments strategy – which is surprising to say the least, given the key role that payments play for financial institutions in driving economic value and customer satisfaction. Read More

Defining the Digital Generation

In the cards and payments industry, the Digital Generation represents tech-savvy cardholders who are comfortable using a variety of devices and apps. They dominate consumer spending and are expected to continue to do so for decades. So, who’s in the Digital Generation? Read More


How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Card and Payments Industry

Competition is growing in the card market. In addition to financial institutions, you're now competing with powerful companies like Amazon for payment services. Join JHA Payment Solutions’ General Manager, Greg Adelson, and his panel of card experts as we discuss the current state of the payments industry and the challenges that financial institutions are facing.

With CPS, You Can Start Saying Yes to Your Cardholders

If you’re not meeting your cardholders’ constantly increasing expectations, chances are your cards are buried in the backs of their wallets. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how with CPS, you can say yes to your cardholders’ wants and needs like fraud mitigation, digital payments, plastics manufacturing and personalization, loyalty programs, and more.