Al Suosso
Al Suosso is a seasoned industry professional with over 35 years in the financial services arena. He began his employment at JHA in 1999...
Allen Eaves, Jr.
Allen Eaves, Jr., is a Product Management Manager for ProfitStars' Gladiator Technology.
B.J. Hall
B.J. Hall is a Regional Sales Executive at Jack Henry. He has been with the company since 2019 and has nearly 20 years of experience...
Barbara Vega
Barbara Vega is a Product Manager for Enterprise Payment Solutions.
Bill Kirsten
Bill Kirsten joined ProfitStars in 2012 and serves as a Senior Advisor. Bill has previously served as a chief financial officer for three...
Bill Roen
Bill Roen is a Regional Sales Manager for the Lending Solutions Division of ProfitStars and has been working in the commercial lending field...
Brad Dahlman
Brad Dahlman is the Product Manager for the Relationship Profitability Management (RPM) application. In this role he provides product...
Brandon Baker, CPA
Brandon is a Product Manager for Profitstars, a Jack Henry Company, for the Financial Performance Suite group...
Brian Sneed
Brian Sneed is a Manager and Software Enginer for Enterprise Conversion Solutions from ProfitStars.
Brynn Ammon
For the last 16 years, Brynn Ammon has worked with six different credit unions and three different vendors, giving her a unique perspective on...
Catherine Elstner
Catherine Elstner is the Marketing Director for iPay.
Catherine Killam
Catherine Killam is the Product Specialist for FactorSoft. She has a background in mobile banking software, and is currently honing her skills in home maintenance and renovation.
Charles McGeehan II
Charles McGeehan is the LendingNetwork® Director of Sales. As a part of the ProfitStars® Lending Solutions suite of products...
Cheryl Wondrash
Cheryl Wondrash is a Senior Operations Manager for ProfitStars' Relationship Profitability Manager (RPM).
Chris Coble
Chris Coble is a Sales Executive for Enterprise Conversion Solutions for ProfitStars.
Clarke Farmer
Clarke Farmer is a Manager of Sales Operations for ProfitStars' Lending Solutions.
Corey Jaeger
Corey Jaeger is a Business Development Manger for ProfitStars Lending Solutions and has been partnering with financial institutions nationwide...
Craig Laures
Craig Laures is an Account Executive on the ProfitStars' Account Management team.
Danny Payne
As an experienced speaker and presenter, Danny Payne is the Sales and Strategic Alliances Manager of Payments products at ProfitStars. These...
Darlene Stoltz
Darlene Stoltz is a Sales Executive for ProfitStars’ Enterprise Conversion Solutions (ECS) group covering Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa,...
Dave Foss
Dave Foss is the CEO and President of Jack Henry & Associates.
Debbie Gross
Debbie is a Sales Executive for Jack Henry & Associates. Debbie graduated from Middle Tennessee State University...
Deborah Phillips
As the Managing Director of Payment Strategy at Jack Henry & Associates, Deborah Phillips, AAP combines her expertise in payments...
Eric Flick
Eric Flick is the Director of Disaster Recovery for Jack Henry & Associates’ Centurion solution group. Eric is responsible for designing... additional information in one line
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson is a Manager of Research & Development for Jack Henry & Associates' Enterprise Processing Solutions.
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis is the co-Director of Lending Sales for ProfitStars. He has 22 years of commercial lending experience in executive banking...
Hannah Day
Hannah Day is a Strategic Initiatives Analyst covering digital banking, fraud & security, and an assortment of other Jack Henry businesses.
Hayley Turpen
Hayley Turpen is currently a Senior Technical Business Analyst with Symitar’s Card Services.
Jackie Marshall
Jackie Marshall was Director of IT Regulatory Compliance for Gladiator Technology, a ProfitStars solution. She was responsible for developing...
Jason Mayhall
Jason Mayhall is the Senior Operations Manager for Enterprise Conversions Solutions, a ProfitStars solution. He is responsible for...
Jennie Ebbing
Jennie Ebbing is a Senior Technical Product Manager for Jack Henry & Associates' Enterprise Payment Solutions.
Jennifer Geis
Jennifer works in the Strategic Initiatives Group at Jack Henry & Associates. In her current role as a Strategic Initiatives Analyst,...
Jennifer Roland-Vlach
Jennifer Roland-Vlach is a Compliance Analyst for Gladiator Compliance Services.
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor is a Manager and Network Engineer for Matrix.
Jerry Boebel
As a Consulting Services Senior Manager for ProfitStars®, Jerry Boebel is responsible for the design and delivery of all ALM consulting...
Jerry Federico
Jerry Federico is a National Product Sales Manager for Jack Henry & Associates.
Jody Brown
Jody Brown is an Account Executive with Jack Henry Lending. For almost 5 years, Jody has partnered with his banks to provide lending solutions to commercial customers...
Jon Kozlowski
Jon Kozlowski is a Business Consultant for ProfitStars' Margin Maximizer Client Services.
Jonathan Patrick
Jonathan is the Senior Product Manager responsible for Lending functionality inside the Episys core.
Karen Crumbley
Karen Crumbley is a Product Manager within the IT Regulatory Compliance department of Gladiator Technology, a ProfitStars Solution...
Kathleen Garvey
Kathleen Garvey is an account executive for Symitar.
Katie Bennett
Katie Bennett is technical writer with the Jack Henry and Associates' Enterprise Content Services department, which provides...
Ken Summar
Ken Summar is the Director of Risk Management for the ProfitStars Lending Solutions division. He manages a nationwide risk...
Keri Crane
Keri Crane is an Advisory Technical Product Manager for JHA Card Processing Solutions.
Kevin Moland
Kevin Moland is Director of Product Strategy for the Enterprise Payment Solutions division of Jack Henry and Associates, where he brings to...
Kristin Halvin
Kristin Halvin is an award-winning speaker through Toastmasters International® ...
Kristin Zell
Kristin Zell has more than 15 years of financial services industry experience. She obtained her bachelor's in Marketing and Public...
Lauren Gleim
Lauren Gleim is a Marketing Specialist for iPay Solutions from Jack Henry & Associates.
Lee Wetherington
Lee Wetherington, AAP, is Director of Strategic Insight for ProfitStars. Lee directs the development of actionable insight and strategy for the...
Lesley Karstens
Lesley Karstens is the Manager of Sales Operations for ProfitStars' ProfitSTAR suite.
Lynn Moore
Lynn is a seasoned industry professional with over 25 years in the financial services arena.
Mark Messick
Mark joined the Jack Henry & Associates family in 2009 via acquisition, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in banking, finance and healthcare. After a career with Union Planters Bank, Mark entered the private sector where he helped pioneer an accounts receivable valuation software for the healthcare industry. He is now responsible for the strategic vision for ProfitStars Lending Solutions Group and the Commercial Lending Center Suite™.
Matt Meehan
Matthew has over 10 years of industry experience and began his career with Jack Henry and Assoicates in 2017.
Maury Green
Maury Green previously worked as the Director of Lending Sales for ProfitStars Commercial Lending Solutions division.
Milton King
Milton King is a Sales Operations Manager for ISA Sales at Jack Henry & Associates.
Molly Mantei
Molly Mantei is a technical writer with the Jack Henry and Associates' Enterprise Content Services department...
Nicole Harper
Nicole Harper is a Sr. Strategic Initiatives Analyst covering the credit union industry and...
Patrick True
Patrick True is Risk Manager, Lending Solutions Division. Patrick is a 25 year veteran of the financial industry. He started his career with...
Patty Moore
After a 25 year career as a credit union executive, Patty Moore joined the Symitar Solutions team in 2008 as a business consultant. Symitar...
Paul McCulloch
Paul McCulloch is a Solution Specialist Manager for Lending Solutions, charged with growing professional services across and beyond the Commercial Lending Center Suite™.
Paul Miniutti
Paul Miniutti is a Senior Manager and Software Engineer for PassPort from Jack Henry & Associates.
Peggy Gordon
Peggy is a Senior Level Marketing Specialist for ProfitStars.
Penny Webb
Penny Webb is a Product Manager for Enterprise Payment Solutions from Jack Henry & Associates.
Pete Major
Pete Major is a Senior Manager in our Symitar Implementations department. He began with Jack Henry...
Ray Kline
Ray Kline is a Sales Engineer for Galdiator.
Renee Weatherby
Renee joined ProfitStars in February 2017 after a 21 year banking career most recently serving as Vice President of Loan Operations...
Rich Dambra
Rich is an experienced executive with 25 years of experience across all facets of the payments industry, specializing in analytics, operations…
Richard Owens
Richard Owens is a Regional Sales Executive for our ProfitStars Lending Solutions division. He has more than 20 years of...
Richie Dodgen
Richie Dodgen is a Technical Product Manager for Development at Jack Henry Banking.
Rob Fantaski
Rob Fantaski is a Product Manager for Biller Direct.
Robert J. Hudecek
Robert J. Hudecek is the Senior Technical Product Manager for ProfitStars RemitPlus, providing intuitive and scalable remittance/lockbox item....
Ron Mazursky
Ron Mazursky is the Director of the Strategic Initiatives Group at Jack Henry & Associates – running a small team of industry analysts...
Sebastian Fazzino
Sebastian is responsible for the business development of the Gladiator and Financial Crimes Solutions.
Shane Purnell
Shane Purnell serves as a Product Manager for the Integration Development Group at Jack Henry & Associates where he helps...
Stacey Zengel
Stacey Zengel is the President of Jack Henry Banking.
Stephen Gilmour
Stephen Gilmour is a Compliance and Security Program Manager for Symitar's Episys.
Susan Griffin
Susan is Strategic Initiatives Analyst with Jack Henry & Associates’ Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG) covering banking core systems...
Tammy Bangs
Tammy Bangs was employed at Jack Henry & Associates for 16 years and had over 10 years of community banking experience.
Tammy Wilson
Tammy Wilson is a Senior Manager of Technical Product Management for Jack Henry & Associates' Enterprise Payment Solutions.
Terry Renoux
Terry Renoux is the Group President of ProfitStars Lending Solutions.
Tiffany Haynes
Tiffany Haynes is the General Manager of Human Resources and Payroll for Jack Henry & Associates. She began her career in 1999 at Artic Coastal Transport...
Tom Williams
Tom Williams is the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Strategy Manager for Centurion Disaster Recovery®, a division of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® (JHA)...
Vicki Lewis
Vicki Lewis is a Suite Specialist for Lending Solutions.
Viviana Campanaro
Viviana provides subject matter expertise and sales support for Gladiator’s CoreDEFENSE and IT Regulatory Compliance/Policy Products.