The Value in FinTech Conferences

Posted by Danny Payne

Jan 18, 2017 11:15:00 AM

At most FinTech companies, banks, and credit unions, the start of a new year means planning for conferences. And for some odd reason, there seem to be two groups of people when it comes to conferences and trade shows. It’s a love/hate relationship – you either fall on the side of seeing all the good in conferences or you think they’re complete wastes of time and resources.

I for one fall into the “love” category, and I’ve been this way since I started working in FinTech almost 15 years ago. The company I worked for was a small startup and we just started selling payments in the utilities marketplace. I was a new account rep and it was my first tradeshow. It was magical! I stood in a booth; people came up to me and asked questions about my product; and I talked to them about it. In 10 minutes I could present the value proposition and product differentiation, show a demo, and set a follow-up meeting. It was like speed dating for sales … and I loved it.

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Ubiquity Is Key!

Posted by Al Suosso

Nov 9, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Truly effective customer relationship management (CRM) can only be accomplished if it is adopted on an enterprise-wide basis. Achieving an exceptional adoption rate has been a continuing challenge for financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes. One of the biggest challenges has been the lack of access to CRM tools within the applications that are used on a day to day basis by associates in varying departments within the FI.

To do their job efficiently, tellers must remain largely focused on the teller processing application presented on their desktop. Quickly handling routine and more complex transactions for customers is their primary role; however, a teller has a unique opportunity to provide customers with much more than a good transaction experience.

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The Right Inputs

Posted by Bryan McCarty

Sep 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM

When you’re a product manager building a platform that involves a mix of enterprise B2B and also B2BC products, the number of opinions you receive – whether you want them or not – can be overwhelming.

We don’t always hear directly from end-users, but we do hear from the businesses, or clients, who purchase our products. Often, clients present us with a smattering of feature requests that represent a portion of their end-users’ pain points. These requests also include their own ideas and features they see from competitors. The ideas coming from clients is only a portion of the forces at play. Product managers also face internal pressure from sales, operations and engineering. It’s the job of the product manager to assess all these inputs and find the greatest good.

With a continuous funnel of opinions, how do product teams ensure they appropriately prioritize what’s next to work on and not simply react to the latest, or loudest, request?

I believe product teams creating the most impact do so by understanding the right inputs. These teams not only ship successful products, they create new waves of innovation that leave other product teams grasping to catch on.

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The Trust Equation

Posted by Tiffany Haynes

Aug 31, 2016 10:15:00 AM

I was recently discussing our talent management strategy process with a consultant and he shared a memorable trust formula:


This resonated with me because I was able to flip through my personal and professional relationships like an old Rolodex and think about who I trusted and who I didn’t. I could think of a name and then pinpoint what portion of the equation was missing.

Think about what each of these variables mean to you.

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The FinTech My Children Will Inherit

Posted by Danny Payne

Aug 24, 2016 10:00:00 AM


If we compare the advances it has made over the last 30 years, fintech has come a long way. My life’s story has seen the shift from the days of waiting in a long teller’s line after work to being able to transfers large sums of money in half a minute from the comfort of my home. Looking back, I often think to myself, “How will fintech evolve over the next 30 years? What will be the fintech that my children will inherit compared to all the technology that I grew up alongside?” To have an idea of where we’re going, we have to take a look from which we came.

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Are Intelligent Assistants Smart Enough Yet?

Posted by Deborah Matthews Phillips

Aug 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Twenty-three years ago, my 7 year old daughter was given a homework assignment to write about something she would like to invent. I was so proud of her idea – she called it “Speak it and see it.” The concept was a simple speech recognition tool where a user could dictate into a microphone and the words would appear on the computer. The fact that she received only a “B” demonstrates how far-fetched this idea must have seemed at the time.

Fast forward to 2016. There is an exciting evolution at the intersection of natural language processing, artificial intelligence and connected devices. Intelligent personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa®, Apple’s Siri®, Microsoft’s Cortana®, VIV, Hound and Google Assistant promise to change the way we manage our lives. Gartner explains, “An autonomous agent becomes the main user interface. Instead of interacting with menus, forms and buttons on a smartphone, the user speaks to an app, which is really an intelligent agent. These intelligent agents may be associated with an individual app or act across multiple apps.”

Intriguing for sure, but are they the next big thing?

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Living Core Philosophies, Not Just Meaningless Platitudes

Posted by Pete Major

Aug 3, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Have you made a big mistake lately that would have been easy to simply sweep under the rug? Are your employees jumping up and down to volunteer to stay up all night to get that project completed? What makes employees go the extra mile and make the right choices in tough situations? It’s the culture you create by living your company’s core philosophies. Where your company’s purpose states “why” the organization exists, your core philosophy directs “how” employees do their work. I’d like to introduce you to how we do things here at JHA.

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Rewards Apart

Posted by Jonathan Patrick

Jul 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Service Isn’t the Panacea, Value Matters as Well

Ask just about any financial institution how they are different and you will inevitably be told it is through “WOW service.” Service is the most commonly quoted differentiator, because many banks and credit unions believe there is little room left to differentiate through products and services. While the people factor certainly plays a huge role, standing apart from the pack these days means creating real value.

It is important to understand the credit union philosophy in order to grasp why they are driven to provide real value to their members. The difference can be seen in how they define people that do business with them and as a “member”, you essentially own the credit union.

Traditionally the value offered for being an owner has come in the form of better-than-market interest rates. However, lately credit unions have been looking to extend that value by increasing the types of rewards programs they offer.

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The Vanishing Core

Posted by Stacey Zengel

Jul 13, 2016 11:30:00 AM

The hundreds of banks that I’ve spoken to this year all have one goal in common: to make banking simple for themselves and their customers. Long gone are the days when bankers sought to cut and paste all of the trendiest features into their offerings; the conceptual big data, PFM, artificial intelligence, and automated savings ideas have been narrowed down past the cool factor to those that truly improve banking. Bankers are addressing the user experience as more than graphics and flow, but as a way to change customers’ emotions about banking from a negative or neutral state to a positive one. It’s time to enjoy banking again! 

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The Proof is in the Partnership

Posted by Barbara Vega

Jun 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM

As you have probably read or heard, Jack Henry & Associates turns 40 this year! As a dedicated employee, I am thrilled to say Happy Birthday! This milestone has me reflecting on my 11 year tenure with this company I am proud to be a part of.

Navigate to our company website, www.jackhenry.com, and you will read about our history, culture and, most importantly, our relationships. “JHA was founded on the premise that strong relationships and sound technology go hand-in-hand.” Read on and you will find our doctrine, “Through an exceptional service culture that was founded on integrity, trust, doing the right thing, and doing whatever it takes, we confidently lead our customers to success.” Building strong relationships and enabling our customers is a key element to our mission.

For any company, including yours, to build true partnerships, the relationships you have with your customers have to go beyond a client/vendor association. Interaction with customers can’t end once a contract has been signed. Transitioning the paradigm from the initial contractual, tactical business relationship into a strategic, deliberate partnership will provide both you and your customer with palpable business benefits.

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