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Tammy Bangs celebrated 14 years with JHA in 2015 and has 10 years of community banking experience. She has been hosting Educational Risk Mitigation Seminars for FI’s from coast to coast encouraging community bankers to engage in conversations with their peer banks and vendors about how best to mitigate risks within their own institutions.

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Storing Data in a Mountain… So What?

Posted by Tammy Bangs

Nov 30, 2016 11:15:00 AM

It’s no secret that pirate folklore included countless tales of buried treasure. One famous pirate, Captain William Kidd, was even noted as having buried his loot off the coast of Long Island because to him, the safest place to store what was most important to him was under the ground.

Today, the same principle is being applied to many financial institutions around the world (in a more positive light this time around). Many banks and credit unions rely on their data so much that a crucial malfunction resulting in the loss of that data would be devastating to both the financial institution and their customers. In an effort to preserve their data, these FIs have opted to bury their information underground … literally!

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Topics: Risk Mitigation, Data Management

Social Engineering, Phishing, Vishing: 3 Common Elements & How to Combat Them

Posted by Tammy Bangs

Aug 11, 2015 12:59:49 PM



Phishing and social engineering accounted for 15 percent of cyber-crime costs incurred by U.S. companies in 2014, according to Statista.comFurthermore, 44% of U.S. companies responding to a recent survey stated that they were targets of social engineering or phishing schemes (Statista).

Social engineering, phishing and vishing are everywhere you look these days.  Fake IRS telephone scammers, recent large financial institution (FI) breaches via email scams, penetration testing failures, executive level breaches, you name it – it has happened. 

Have you been lucky enough to receive a telephone call from the ‘Department of the IRS’ this year?  No?  I actually received two. Being the risk mitigation geek that I am, I couldn’t resist baiting the fraudster just a bit, asking as many questions as I could muster, keeping him on the line with me for as long as possible.  It was a fascinating glimpse into the not-so-sexy world of the vishing scheme. They were probably armed with little more than a search engine and a telephone. They didn’t even know enough about the Internal Revenue Service to use proper nomenclature. 

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Topics: Risk Mitigation, Cybersecurity

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