Hayley Turpen

Hayley Turpen is an industry analyst with Jack Henry & Associates’ (JHA) Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG) covering digital channels, fraud & security, imaging and CRM. SIG provides an independent perspective of the banking and payments industry to JHA management. She joined JHA in 2001 as part of the NetTeller team where she spent the first 6 years of her 15 at JHA. Hayley’s experience prior to JHA includes work at a community bank as part of the front office staff as well as starting up the internet banking department.

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Card-Not-Present Fraud: How to Save Consumers from Themselves

Posted by Hayley Turpen

Jun 21, 2017 11:45:00 AM

Consumers are less concerned with the cost of fraud due to the fact they are rarely, if ever, held responsible for the actual fraud loss and therefore suffer little to no financial repercussions. However, they are greatly inconvenienced if the fraud occurs on their debit cards, and the funds in their underlying DDA account are used. On the other hand, the costs incurred due to fraud weigh heavily on the shoulders of financial institutions. As with all fraud prevention measures there is a delicate balance between the added security measures and customer experience and card fraud is no exception.

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Topics: Cybersecurity

Am I Really Expected to Remember My Password - N@mE61520?

Posted by Hayley Turpen

Jun 8, 2016 10:00:00 AM

It has been reported that the average internet user has approximately 20 passwords. I must not be average, because when I sat down to try to count mine I came up with 75... and I probably forgot a few! That is a lot of passwords to remember. I can’t even fathom a guess as to what the password was for half of these sites. So when I try to login, I will cycle through the passwords that I “think” I used. If none of them work, then I will click the link stating I forgot my password.

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Topics: Information Security, Cybersecurity

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