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Bryan McCarty is a Senior Product Manager for Banno. He has a background in product marketing and copywriting. He spends most of his time talking to users, articulating the what and why of the features we want to build and defining the Banno roadmap. Bryan enjoys working in small, cross-functional teams, being outdoors with his family and running long distances through the woods. Bryan lives in Minneapolis, MN.

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Why Banks and Credit Unions Should Stop with the Shenanigans and Focus on Creating Content that Matters

Posted by Bryan McCarty

Jun 14, 2017 11:45:00 AM

Intercom said it best in one of their recent posts:

“Where playbook content marketing goes wrong is in trying to market and sell from the get-go. We have to give you, our readers, something of value – our knowledge, insight and experience – before we earn the right to market to you.”

This got me thinking about the shenanigans that come with white papers, e-books, industry research, and other pieces of digital content. To access this type of content, companies often require you to give them your personal details: name, email, and sometimes a lot more.

Companies believe that because they put a lot of work into their content that they should get something in return. They’re looking for the classic ROI. That something is the right to market to you. Because you downloaded that white paper, you now get the pleasure of being added to their newsletter, receiving invites to webinars and getting a slew of other marketing offers thrown at you. Yippee!

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work.

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The Right Inputs

Posted by Bryan McCarty

Sep 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM

When you’re a product manager building a platform that involves a mix of enterprise B2B and also B2BC products, the number of opinions you receive – whether you want them or not – can be overwhelming.

We don’t always hear directly from end-users, but we do hear from the businesses, or clients, who purchase our products. Often, clients present us with a smattering of feature requests that represent a portion of their end-users’ pain points. These requests also include their own ideas and features they see from competitors. The ideas coming from clients is only a portion of the forces at play. Product managers also face internal pressure from sales, operations and engineering. It’s the job of the product manager to assess all these inputs and find the greatest good.

With a continuous funnel of opinions, how do product teams ensure they appropriately prioritize what’s next to work on and not simply react to the latest, or loudest, request?

I believe product teams creating the most impact do so by understanding the right inputs. These teams not only ship successful products, they create new waves of innovation that leave other product teams grasping to catch on.

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How Enterprise Software Can Attract Millennials and Impact Your Company Culture

Posted by Bryan McCarty

Mar 2, 2016 10:00:00 AM

The background

My experience as a product manager working on a digital platform for the financial services sector has given me a great look into what’s going on behind the scenes as well as what customers are looking for when it comes to fintech apps. One portion of our platform is focused on the needs of our customers’ end-users (consumers). This software aims to help people with their financial goals and bank the way they want to bank. This is where our native mobile banking app comes into play.

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